The Fleet

First class transport for your horses and equipment

Our lorries have been built with the comfort of your horse's journey in mind. With on board cameras monitoring your horse's condition and temperature controlled fan assisted ventilation. Water, feed and bedding are carried on board for those important rest breaks. The partitions can be changed accordingly to the size of your horse, to accommodate a larger horse to youngsters and weanlings. The lorries can be set up to travel mares with foals at foot in loose boxes. Satellite navigation is on board and the drivers can be contacted 24hrs for your peace of mind.

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International horse transport, Mare and Foal box.


The boxes are pressure washed and disinfected after every journey ensuring they are clean for the next customers.


Our curtain sider trailer is ideal for those that have a lot of equipment to move whether it be for polo teams or endurance teams. The trailer is equipped with a motorised winch to pull on bigger items such as carriages and harness. Everything is ratcheted down with clean straps and cloths to ensure your kit/carriage arrives safely without harm.


Every six weeks the lorries have a safety and maintenance inspection for DVSA's records. With up to date services and MOT.



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